Preanesthetic Testing
We will let you know in advance if we require any preanesthetic diagnostics for patients having procedures done. While we are able to perform this in-hospital the morning of surgery, it is ideal to have the preanesthetic testing completed at your hospital prior to your patients' visits.

One of my patients just fractured a tooth this morning. Is there anything that can be done?
For a fresh fracture please call us right away! There is a very short window of time (usually within 48 hours) in which a fractured tooth with nerve exposure potentially can be saved as a living tooth when the apices are closed in adult patients. We treat these patients as emergent. After that window of time has elapsed, the tooth may still be a candidate for salvage using root canal therapy.

There is a much longer time window (up to two weeks or longer) to salvage a pulp-exposed tooth if the apex is still open in young patients.

To our many outstanding referring vets:
The very best app for dental charting that we use for all of our patients is now available for your practice here.
Due to an overwhelming number of referrals to our service, as of May 16, 2022, we will only be able to accept referrals from practices who have referred patients to us in the past. When our backlog of cases is cleared, we will update this notice.